An amazing "Dragonfly" Brooch by Lorushka consists of a variety of Swarovski crystals surrounded by Swarovski pearls, metal embroidery thread, Swarovski drop beads what you can see in Dragonfly's eyes and in the bottom of the brooch. The french vintage sequins, Czech glass beads, and Japanese seed beads dominate in the overall look of this embroidered brooch . "Dragonfly" Brooch  by Lorushka is a great statement piece for the upcoming Formal Event or for the casual day. Gift it to a loved one or gift it to yourself.

Made with Love!



▫️Swarovski drop beads

▫️Swarovski crystals

▫️Swarovski pearls

▫️Metal embroidery thread

▫️French vintage sequins

▫️Czech glass beads

▫️Japanese seed beads

▫️ Vintage brooch

''Dragonfly'' Brooch